Lately, the safety and security issues have been the matter of the great concern in the tourism literature. Tourism in many 3rd world countries has been maimed by the political unrest and violence. Hence the question emerges: how to enhance the tourism development amidst the inconvenient situation. Hitherto, only few researches have been made on how to explore the paths of tourism development in such circumstances. Nepal, once known as the ‘Shangri-la'', has been taken as the case study. Unfortunately, Nepalese tourism has been victimised by the political disturbances since 1990. There has been a gradual recovery in the tourism industry after the cease of the civil war (2006) but it is still being threatened by ongoing political unrest. Hence, the book has made attempt to throw some light on this ‘inconvenient situation'' and come across the ways for the tourism development. The study will be useful for the professionals and researchers in the field of the political aspect of the tourism, various tourism related organisations, or anyone who may be interested in the safety and security issues in the tourism of the third world countries.