This Tourism Plan entitled – “Resurrecting Kalyani through Tourism – A Case Study” deals exclusively with the pros and cons of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Tourism in the township of Kalyani and the District of Nadia, easily one of Eastern India’s most outstanding cultural/spiritual tourism destinations. The challenges that this new form of Tourism throws and ways and means of popularizing the Sustainable Tourism experience of the region to a worldwide clientele has been covered in this Tourism Plan. A sincere attempt has been made to unravel Kalyani and the District of Nadia as a marvelous Eco?Friendly & Sustainable destination. The intention has all along been to create a synthesis out of the Tourism phenomenon. The Plan highlights and justifies the need for Sustainable Tourism in Kalyani. Concepts like developing a War Memorial Centre, launching Horse Driven Carriages, developing the wetland areas into exclusive nature based tourism zones, the concept of Tree House Recreation etc…if implemented in a planned manner would undoubtedly catapult this part of Eastern India into the mainstream of India’s burgeoning tourism industry.