The book ‘Cinnamon and Cassia – the Spicy Barks’ includes seven chapters, covering the aspects on the Systematics & Diversities, Ethnobotany & other useful aspects, Anatomical & other related characters, Essential oils and Multiplication techniques of a total of 14 Cinnamomum resources/taxa used as cinnamon and cassia. This handy monographic book contents include: Introduction to Cinnamon and Cassia, Systematics and Diversities of Cinnamomum species used as Cinnamon and Cassia in Eastern Himalaya (Northeast India), Microscopic and Other related studies of Cinnamomum species used as Cinnamon & Cassia spices, Essential oils of Cinnamomum species used as Cinnamon & Cassia spices in Northeast India, Chemistry/Essential Oils of True Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum): An Overview, Propagation and Cultivation of Cinnamomum Resources used as Cinnamon & Cassia spices, Useful and Other aspects of Cinnamon & Cassia spices. This book will be useful to the Research & Academic institutions, various fragrance, flavour & pharmaceutical industries, agriculture and allied fields, as well as to exporters, processors, planters and to all those who are interested in Aromatic & Spice plants.