The multifunction bicycle tool is still the best. These tools are designed for cyclists who need a high-quality tool while on the road--is housed in a clever break-apart body that makes it a breeze to find the right gadget. And with19 high-quality hardened-steel tools at your fingertips you'll rarely find yourself without exactly what you need. - Must have regular maintenance and emergency repair tool for bikers - Perfect for DIY bicycle projects - Features the following parts in the kit: 2mm/2.5mm/3mm/5mm/6mm Hex S panner Wrenches (6) Slot/flat screwdriver (large) Slot/flat screwdriver (small) Philip/cross screwdriver (large) Philip/cross screwdriver (small) T# (star) screwdriver 8mm/10mm/15mm Hex s panner wrenches/screwdrivers (3) 14g wrench 2 x Tire removal tools Tire glue Tire patch Carrying tool pouch