Africa’s Information Revolution was recently announced as the 2016 prizewinner of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences – congratulations to the authors James T. Murphy and Padraig Carmody! Africa’s Information Revolution presents an in-depth examination of the development and economic geographies accompanying the rapid diffusion of new ICTs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Represents the first book-length comparative case study ICT diffusion in Africa of its kind Confronts current information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) discourse by providing a counter to largely optimistic mainstream perspectives on Africa’s prospects for m- and e-development Features comparative research based on more than 200 interviews with firms from a manufacturing and service industry in Tanzania and South Africa Raises key insights regarding the structural challenges facing Africa even in the context of the continent’s recent economic growth spurt Combines perspectives from economic and development geography and science and technology studies to demonstrate the power of integrated conceptual-theoretical frameworks Include maps, photos, diagrams and tables to highlight the concepts, field research settings, and key findings