Dynamic Universe model is based on hard observed facts and does NOT depend on speculation. In this fourth book the simulations predicted the existnce of the large number of Blue shifted Galaxies, in an expanding universe, in 2004 itself. It was confirmed by by Hubble Space Teliscope (HST) observations in the year 2009. This prediction process is clearly shown in the output pictures formed from this Model from old and new simulations. These pictures depict the three dimensional orbit formations. An orbit formation means some Galaxies are coming near (Blue shifted) and some are going away (Red shifted). This book goes on two main lines. First is the main line of thinking, to show mathematically that there will be lots and lots of blue shifted Galaxies mathematically. To support this concept the question what are the possible blue shifted Galaxies is answered further. We find that quasars are blue shifted galaxies. The second line of thinking goes with this finding, that the Quasars are blue shifted galaxies.Forrest Noble (Pan Theory) in his foreword said “over 7,000 blueshifted galaxies have been discovered extending beyond the Local Group, first predicted by Mr.Gupta.