Until the year 2000, Penaeus monodon was the major species of shrimp culture. Due to WSSV outbreak, production of this species was decreased dramatically after 1995. As a consequence, many countries shifted from P. monodon to Litopenaeus vannamei as a main species in their shrimp farming. The versatile characteristics of L. vannamei are SPF brood stock, diseases resistant, tolerance to wider ranges of salinity and temperature, better survival in poor pond bottom condition, simple hatchery and grow-out technologies, lower production costs etc. Now-a-days intensive farming is being practiced in China, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. As L. vannamei culture is nothing but intensive farming in recent days, codes of conduct to be followed to attain prosperous culture is necessitated. For that, this book provides elaborate discussion on site selection, pond preparation, water quality parameters and its management, feed management, emerging auto feeding technology and disease management. Conclusively this book has been written with information and data learned from field experiences and we hope that this book will be useful guide to farmers doing L. vannamei culture.