TB6600 Upgraded Version 32 Segments 4A 40V 57/86 Stepper Motor Driver Feature: 9V-40V DC power supply H-bridge bipolar constant phase flow driver The maximum output current is 4.0A (eight optional) Up to 32 segments of six kinds of sub-modes available The input signal high-speed photoelectric isolatio Standard common anode single pulse interface Offline keep function Semi-enclosed chassis can adapt to a more demanding environment Provide energy saving semiautomatic current lock function Built-in thermal protection and over-current protection Specification: Voltage: up to 50V ON resistance (upper + lower) = 0.4 Forward and reverse rotation control 5 kinds of sub-modes selectable (1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 step) Output current: IOUT = 5.0A (peak within 100ms) Rated output: IOUT = 4.5 A Input pull-down resistor: 100 K Current output alarm pin: Ialert = 1mA Monitor output pin (MO): Imo = 1mA With reset and enable pins With a standby function. Breaking the traditional single-supply Built-in thermal protection (TSD) circuit Built-in voltage protection (UVLO) circuit Built-in over current detection (ISD) the circuit Note: This driver is the upgraded version TB6600, heightening segment to 32 subdivision, suitable for high segmentation applications. For step motor: 42, 57, 86 type 2 phase 4 phase (4 / 6 / 8 line) Package included: 1 x TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Controller