One set with 12 colors each color 7ml together use with drawing pen. Suitable for drawing flowers three-dimensional color painting flowers. Features: magic colored drawing: use multi-colored nail polish make patterns and other decorations to decorate. Manual colored drawing: reflect manicurist manual painting skills and creativity. Jewelry diamonds setting: use diamonds to shape different patterns. Anaglyph inside carving nails: paste crystal powder resin adhesive material to get 3D patterns. 3D sculpture nails: with 3D effect suitable for multivariant style beauty. DIY ​five step colored nail drawing: use dark color nail polish to bottoming; use opaque nail polish coloured drawing or pattern design. Opaque nail polish is easily to operate and easy to control for beginners. Make use of dots and stripe to shape patterns. Sequins stickers help to make different design. Use bright pink nail polish make your nail more beautiful. This set includes two drawing pens one (superfine arrow pen) has the same function with painting pens. One(flat nail drawing pen) can draw out lines easily. Also can be used painting nail polish. Note: after useing the colored drawing materials remember to close the cover on time avoid dry the material. Add diluent​ such alcohol into the drawing materials when become dry.