Africa has long been a forgotten continent, suffering the brutality of slavery and slave trade, colonialism, and consequences of the Cold-War between two blocs.This book raises the question: Why are the three major players in Africa are competing at this particular time after a long period of neglect? The Clash of the Major Powers in Africa is presented in the context of historical and modern events. The author analyzes the main reasons behind their engagement beyond routine and normal involvement, external and internal factors, how they view Africa and how Africa views them, the reaction of Africans toward each of them, and the expectation of African people from their policies. Africa, with huge natural resources, triggered the current competition among three major players in Africa: the U.S., the EU, and China. This book attempts to address these issues by identifying one of the policies which could have a chance to succeed in Africa. The research is intended to help inform researchers who are interested in the Africa''s relationships with these major powers and foreign policy makers in Africa, the United States, the European Union and China.