Some manga offer you stories about zombies... others, robots... others, otaku - but only The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service would offer you a story about a zombie robot otaku! And that's just the first of ten cases the Kurosagi gang encounters in Book Three, as strange-but-true rituals and incidents of Japan's past reemerge into tales of bizarre modern horror! Marriages to the dead... human air defense radar... the souls of babies in the bodies of yakuza! And even as a cabal of phantoms seeks to imprison Karatsu's familiar spirit Yaichi, the Delivery Service faces perhaps their greatest challenge yet... convince somebody else to join their club, so they don't lose their meeting space on campus! "Acquire this manga for adult collections for the naturalistic artwork that shows attention to human emotion, the social observation, and the banter between the members of the delivery service." - Christine Gertz, Library Journal. "One of the ongoing series I most look forward to, in all its goofy, gruesome glory." - Shaenon Garrity, Anime News Network.