The generation of the impact sound by the act of the human walk involves two factors, the character of the footfall and the shape of the induced floor vibration. High levels of vibrations can occur in floor systems due to excitation from human activities such as walking and aerobics. In building floors, excessive vibrations are generally not a safety concern for building floor system but a cause of annoyance and discomfort. The footfall noise is created by the impact excitation where the character of the footfall depends on the foot-ware: the heels and the frequencies of the footfall. The shape of the floor deflection depends rather on the geometrical walking pattern and construction of the floor structure. Two types of floors are used for this experiment (1) Profiled Steel Sheet Concrete Floor (PCF) and Composite Concrete Floor (CCF). Since the excitation is assumed to be deterministic, differences between the excitation masses, acting forces and damping are determine from Bruel & Kjaer vibration analyzer machine. The goal of this investigation is to determine the differences of the floor nature by human effect depending on various positions on floors.