Read and listen to the heartbeat of Burma''s political dreams, emotions and struggles for independence. Thakhin Ba Sein was a young nationalist, pioneer Thakin and anti-colonialist fighter. He was a founding member of the Rangoon University Student Union, historic corner stone of anti-colonialist movement and became its General Secretary. He was also a co-founder and the first President of Dobama Asiayone. Prime Minister U Nu, General Aung San and General Ne Win all belonged to this main anti- colonialist organization, but he was the most senior among them. With the paradoxical fortune in politics, he was three times expelled from Rangoon University, seven times imprisoned, three years exiled to Singapore during World War II and twice became the Cabinet Minister. Because of his strong Buddhist influence, inherited from early novice days in monasteries he could not accept the leftist ideologies. He was the first and foremost leader who stood for freedom and democracy even while the leftist tide was too strong to challenge. He stood alone unpopular against popular leftist tsunami with great courage and political conviction and invincible principles.