Land degradation: manifested in different forms soil erosion; rills and gully formation, fertility decline, moisture stress and organic matter depletion is the main cause of deterioration for soil productivity in the highlands of Ethiopia. One of the direct causes of land degradation is inadequate investments in soil conservation. Thus it required urgent SWC intervention measures. If conservation is to have lasting effect, has to be related to the causes and processes of degradation. This work examined the impact of SWC practices on the improvement of soil properties: the physical and chemical properties of the soil; rill and gully erosion: the magnitude and rate of rill and gully erosion; and crop productivity(yield) on cultivated fields in two land units, conservation treated and untreated. It valued farmers’ perception in relation to soil erosion problem: land resource degradation and management problems; experience in SWC and attitude to the physical SWC measures, major SWC activities to control soil erosion and soil fertility decline. The work should help farmers, agroforestry; universities; professionals in agriculture and environment; and policy makers.