7 Inch LCD HD TFT PcDuino Digital Display Raspberry Pi Monitor Raspberry Pi Monitor Features: Operating voltage: DC 12V Power: About 6W Signal input: Channel-2 System: PAL/NTSC Transmission mode: RCA Plug and Play: Support Using sophisticated programs, clear display Control mode: Multifunction OSD operation or potentiometer to adjust the brightness and color Supports vertical and horizontal image flip, image 4:3 / 16:9 display format conversion OSD language: English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Scope: Video intercom, board computer, instrumentation, industrial control, medical equipment, portable display equipment and other electronics fields. Raspberry Pi Monitor Video input channel: AV 1: Can connect DVD device or front camera AV 2: Reversing camera automatically switches to the screen The setting of Raspberry Pi Monitor reversing the priority: 1, The default boot last saved channel. 2, Boot, reversing signal, switch to AV2, reversing the signal disappears, back to the original channel. 3, Standby, reversing signal, switch to AV2, reversing the signal disappears, return to standby Raspberry Pi Monitor Specification: Display dimension: 7 inch Dimension: 174 x 114 x 23mm (W x H x D) Viewing area: 154.08 x 85.92 (H x V) Resolution: 480 x 234 x RGB Dot pitch: 0.05 x 0.15mm (W x H) Viewing angle: L70R70U50D60 Panel type: TFT Display color: 262K Contrast ratio: 350:1 Aspect ratio: 16:9 Brightness: 220cd/m2 Interface type: Digital The number of wiring: 50 PIN Digital(TTL) TCON Back light: LED Response time: 20ms Operating temperature: -20C to 75C Plug: 2 AV input, 1 DC input Raspberry Pi Monitor Package included: 1 x Raspberry Pi Monitor 1 x Bracket 1 x Remote control 1 x Line (two AV input plug, one DC plug)