Tracklist:1. To The Bone.2. Nowhere Now.3. Pariah Featuring – Ninet Tayeb.4. The Same Asylum As Before.5. Refuge.6. Permanating.7. Blank Tapes Featuring – Ninet Tayeb.8. People Who Eat Darkness.9. Song Of I Featuring – Sophie Hunger.10. Detonation.11. Song Of Unborn.To The Bone (Instrumentals) - LPCM 96/24 2.0:1. To The Bone (Instrumental).2. Nowhere Now (Instrumental).3. Pariah (Instrumental).4. The Same Asylum As Before (Instrumental) .5. Refuge (Instrumental).6. Permanating (Instrumental).7. Blank Tapes (Instrumental).8. People Who Eat Darkness (Instrumental).9. Song Of I (Instrumental).Detonation (Instrumental).Song Of Unborn (Instrumental).Videos:Song Of I.Pariah.Documentary:Ask Me Nicely - The Making Of "To The Bone"