Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 Piece Color Red Material FR4 English Manual / Spec No Other Features Full-color RGB Dot matrix driver board is a Arduino Dashboard module which specialized designed for RGB full-color dot matrix This module not only can drive the RGB Dot matrix independently but also can be used as Arduino Control panel. It is very convenient and practical on-board chip is ATmega 328Chips the board also raise above ISP Interface you can programmer bootloader to 328 Chip free. Drawback unlike other Arduino Uno there is no corresponding leads I / 0 Out of the mouth but leads to a number of IIC Interface and power supply interface; 6Bit color supported; Support hardware 16MHz PWM; Without any additional circuitry; Dedicated GPIO and ADC interface; Support hardware URAT and IIC communication; 24 Channel constant current channel current up to each channel 1100mA; 8 channel constant current source drive current up to each channel 500mA; Power supply: +5 V to +5.3 V; Operating current: 300mA; Operating temperature range: -10'C~+50'C Packing List 1 x Module