1NO +1 NC Conatact Congfiguration screw terminal; Typically used in industrial control applications automatically monitor and indicate whether a particular device stroke limit is exceeded; High precision mechanism design provides acute operation and long life; Rated insulation voltage: 380V; Heating current: 10A; Control ability: AC-11; Rated working voltage: 380V; Rated working current: 0.8A; Rated working voltage: 220V; Rated working current: 0.15A; Short circuit protection: Short-circuit current rated fuse 1000A RL1-15/10; Operation frequency: AC 2400 times / hour DC 1200 times / hour; Lifespan: AC 1500000 times / DC 300000 times; Action repeat accuracy: In 10 times operation the maximum value (or minimum value) of the difference between the average value is no more than 0.05mm; Vibration resistance: Frequency of 10-55Hz 10G acceleration amplitude of 0.75mm