In recent years there have been a number of significant riverine floods all around the world which caused enormous damage both in terms of loss of life and economics. River Krishna is one of the flood prone rivers of the world. Low lying villages in the Sangli District of Maharashtra State on the banks of the river Krishna gets inundated in times of floods. The river Krishna affects 32 villages every year. In the Sangli district 15 floods occurred in last the 30 years. So, there is need to study the floods of the Sangli district from the geographical point of view. Because, geographer plays an important role in solving the flood problems and its flood management. The study of flood problem is most useful to the district council. By studying actual causes of the flood and knowing the most affected areas, district council can eradicate the problem of flood hazard. This book has addressed the floods of the year 2005 and 2006 faced by Sangli district especially experienced by the Miraj, Palus, Walwa and Shirala tehsils. The main objective of the book is to find out causes and impact of floods and to suggest comprehensive plan for the flood disaster management in the Indian context.