Color Black + Dark Brown + Multi-Colored Brand WLXY Model WL-7070 Quantity 1 Set Material Rubber + nylon + cloth + stainless steel + grinding wheel Other Features Suitable for pneumatic electric rotary grinder; For a variety of molds electronics glass medical equipment gold and silver jewelry metals non-metallic surfaces grooves there are other parts of the cone concave mirror polishing grinding and cutting. Packing List 2 x T-type yellow cloth wheels 2 x T-type woolen wheels 2 x Black nylon brushes 2 x Copper wheels 5 x Green grinder pads 10 x Resin cutter pads 8 x 15mm sandpaper rings 2 x 6mm rubber rods 4 x Pin grinder heads 2 x 8mm Cylindrical rubber wheels 2 x 8mm Cone rubber wheels 2 x White nylon brushes 2 x Pen head style copper wire brushes 16 x 8mm sandpaper rings 2 x Connection rods 2 x Cone grinding needles 1 x Blue Phillips screwdriver 1 x Box