Seed is a most important input amongst all for the production of crop, which is having no alternative substitute like others to grow, so to make the country food secured; it must be focused on seed and their quality because it is only the mean for production. Aforesaid seed means not only focusing on the true seed (i.e., mature viable ovule, having generative, nutritive and protective part) but also includes “any plant propagules which is having the capacity to regenerate their offspring”. The well-known fact about the green revolution had been possible only due to the introduction of improved and quality seed varieties, which resulted more than twice enhanced the production. With taking the resolution of making world hunger less one need to research and develop such varieties which can fulfil the mentioned dream, for this, it is very necessary to know about the characteristics of flower, pollination, process of seed development through fertilization, seed dispersal, seed characters and it’s classification for better quality seed production. Hence, in this book author have given his strength to make it convenient to the researcher, students and the personals related to the seed.