This book explores the development and transformation of an industrial cluster in Turkey and investigates the causes and consequences of industrial decline and local economic restructuring in the case of Denizli textile cluster. Book manifests that quota-free regulations of trade and relocation of production have been shaping a fierce global competition by which employment, supply and marketing relations change dramatically at the world scale and Turkish textile and garment industry has been losing its growth dynamics under the pressure of these competitive conditions. In this process of industrial decline, Denizli has locked to a passive exporter role. This passive exporter role disables cluster to adopt innovative product strategies and to shift production to other regions where cost cutting opportunities are provided. Industrialists decrease production costs through informal employment, decreasing wages and overtime work which exacerbate decent working conditions. However; although survey results point out locked industrial dynamics, Denizli still has the potential of regional development thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit and rising other local economic sectors.