This study aimed to develop a tool to asses the capabilities of staff nurses in rendering safe quality nursing care. A methodological design was used covering two rounds of a modified Delphi technique in phase 1 while correlational design in phase 2. One hundred thirty five (n=135) nurses participated in phase 1 and one hundred sixty (n=160) staff nurses of a tertiary hospital participated in phase 2. A 55-item Safe Quality Nursing Care Tool (SQNCT) with five categories on patient identification, assessment requisites (including for patients needing surgical intervention), environmental hazards precaution, infection control, and drug administration was developed.Nurses capability for safe quality nursing care showed high scores on capability and education significantly influenced the performance of staff nurses.This study contributes to evidence-based nursing knowledge on the various components of safe quality nursing care.Safe Quality Nursing Care Tool (SQNCT) is valid and relevant in the practice field of nursing. Education has bigger impact in influencing and developing competence of nurses.