Model: DT-1180 - Color: Black - Material: ABS housing - 2.3 LCD screen - Full-scale reading: 1999 - Frequency range: Low-V/m; High-uW/cm2 - Accuracy: Low 1V/m; High 1uW/cm2 - Frequency range: Low 5Hz~400KHz; High 30MHz~2000MHz - Sample collecting time: 0.3s - Overloading remind: Display OL - Voltage: 9V - Battery model: 6F22 9V - Easy operation - Wide range of frequency can switch between high / low frequency - Very accurate the minimum frequency can be as low as 5Hz - For detecting environmental electromagnetic radiation: indoors office computer station room industrial control room electricity wire high voltage wire and monitor etc. - For detecting home electronics: cellphone PC TV set copy machine Fax machine refrigerator etc. - Packing List: - 1 x Detector - 1 x 9V battery - 1 x Chinese / English manual