Model: CS-09 - Color: Green - Material: PCB - Signal transmission distance up to 3000m - Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz - Sensitivity: -40dB - Direction: Omnidirectional - Output impedance: 600ohm - SNR: 60dB - Output signal: 2.5V p-p -25dB - AGC automatic gain electric circuit - Lightning protection power supply polarity reversal protection Connection method: Red line (DC 12V positive) Black line (Grounding) White line (Audio positive) - Transmission wire: Tri-core 0.5mm RVVP shielded wire general 4-core telephone wire Category 5 twisted pair network. - With 1-LED red light - Power supply: DC 12V - Power current: 20mA - Working temperature: -30'C~60'C - Used for installation of surveillance camera - Cable length: 7cm