1Hz-50MHz Five LED Display Frequency Counter With Frequency Oscillator Kit Description: This is a Frequency Counter based on PIC microcontroller, add and subtract with crystal vibration measurement functions and programmable frequency Settings, five digital tube display, convenient and intuitive, easy to make Feature: Measured frequency range 1 hz to 50 MHZ (1HZ to 50 MHZ) Can measure most commonly used crystals of oscillation frequency from 4mhz to 50mHz Five precision resolution (e.g. 0.0050 KHZ, 0.0050 MHZ, 11.059 MHZ Automatic range switching, do not need to switch Programmable Settings, add and subtract frequency used for measuring the transceiver and other equipment Optional power saving mode, did not change significantly within 15 seconds if frequency display will be automatically closed Can use generic USB interface power supply, also can use an external power supply or 9V battery Element number less, all into components, simple installation and debugging Here is the circuit diagram: Package included: 1 x Frequency Counter Kit