In Paris, cafes and cats go hand in paw. Far away from the famous runways in the world capital of fashion, the biggest divas in town can be found strutting their stuff down the zinc bar of many a local hot spot. This volume introduces nineteen of Paris's most beloved cats as they take us for a stroll around the city's monuments and inside the charming and quintessentially Parisian locations that they call home. From his perch in an upstairs window at the legendary Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Kitty surveys the comings and goings of the boats along the Seine and the visitors at Notre-Dame Cathedral. Swiffer at Le Cafe Zephyr lures customers in from the bustle of the Grands Boulevards to enjoy a cafe or glass of wine in the colonial-style interior. Inside Le Bristol Paris, the exotic pedigreed Fa-raon enjoys pampering worthy of the palace hotel's paying clientele. And the Montmartre museum's feline-in-residence not only looks like the black cat from the iconic poster for Le Chat Noir cabaret, but he was named after the nightclub's founder Rodolphe Salis. These irresistible cats offer a unique and unforgettable tour of the French capital.