Pakistan is a frontline ally of the United States in the US war against terrorism in Afghanistan. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Pakistan was coerced by Washington to join the US effort to dismantle the Taliban-Al Qaeda terrorist infrastructure in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is believed that Pakistan has employed a selective approach in the war against terrorism. It has targeted Al Qaeda and other militants but has remained reluctant to target the Afghan Taliban. The underlying reason for this inconsistent behaviour can be located in Pakistan’s conflicting interests in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. By joining the war, Pakistan gained economic benefits, improved its international standing, and also denied India, an arch foe, an opportunity to use US engagement in the area against it. On the other hand, the removal of the Taliban regime after 9/11 deprived Pakistan of a pro-Pakistan regime in Afghanistan. Moreover, the emergence of an anti-Pakistan regime and the increasing involvement of India in Afghanistan added to Pakistan’s insecurities and Islamabad felt encircled from both eastern and western fronts.Pakistan thus has been reluctant to fight against the Taliban.