Adoption of Open Source Software involves more than using OSS products and this has marked a new trend in software development. This new practice has potential benefits while introducing peculiar practical challenges in software development; particularly in areas concerning OSS selection. This involves OSS search and establishment of selection criteria which selects the best OSS product that matches the system requirements. These challenges have also introduced significant bottlenecks into software development industry. In order to mitigate or solve these problems, there is a need to identify OSS success factors for any software development firm that wants to go OPEN. This thesis aims to investigate the benefits and limitations of adopting OSS and to identify success factors that lead to the benefits of OSS in software development. Systematic literature review, through searches in library databases, was used to review empirical studies on OSS success factors when going OPEN. The data was extracted and synthesized from the selected papers for analysis. Mapping was used to obtain information concerning the OSS success factors when going OPEN.