Brief Introduction The ORVIBO B25 Wi-Fi smart socket can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi network and control the power of home appliances, smartphones or other electronic devices. The on/off time of the devices plugged in the can be controlled via App (HomeMate). Besides, it also supports countdown function. Let you have fun with local or remote control your home appliances. Your smart home is coming! The ORVIBO socket enables you to control the function of your electrical devices remotely via an app. With the socket connected to your electronics, you are able to set timers and countdown timers to your connected devices for a efficient way of conducting your day to day life. What Can the Smart Socket Help You? Control Your Home Appliance You can control your home appliances plugged into Wi-Fi smart socket from anywhere as long as your smartphone connected with internet. You can control the on/off time of your home appliances according to your lifestyle via the APP on your smartphone. With it, Your Home at Your Fingertips It doesn’t matter even if you forget whether you close your home appliances or not because you can use HomeMate APP to see the on/off state of them. You can control all your home appliances plugged into WiFi smart socket through app. With it, with Powerful Compatibility It can connect with many home appliances, not only you can connect the ORVIBO product, you also can connect ORVIBO ZigBee Product, and other electronic devices plugged in the socket. Features Remote Control Turn on/off the Smart Socket via mobile App (download from App store or google play store) while it connected to Wi-Fi. Timer Set a timer to turn on/off the Smart Socket via mobile App. Countdown Set a countdown to turn on/off the Smart Socket via mobile App. Warm Note Do not use for the bathroom and other humid places. Specifications Structure and MaterialColor: WhiteShell’s Material: Fire-proof PCPin’s Material: Nickel plated brassInsert Set Material: QSN Electricity ParameterInput: 100-240V~,50H,13AOutput: 100-240V~,50H,13A Radio Parameter Wireless standard: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/nRadio Frequency: 2.412-2.484GHzEncryption Type: WEP/TKIP/AESSecurity protocol: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSKRadio Power Consumption: ≦0.3WRadio Intensity: 802.11b:+18.5dBm, 802.11b:+16.5dBm, 802.11b:+12.5dBmRX Sensitivity: 802.11b:-93dBm(@11Mbps,CCK), 802.11g:-85dBm(@54Mbps,OFDM), 802.11n:-82dBm(@HT20,MCS7) Environmental Condition Working Temp.: -10~40℃,14~122°FWorking Hum.: 20%-90%Storage Temp.: -40~70℃,-40~158°F Storage Hum.: 20%-90%Testing Temp.: 25℃ Product Weight110g Product Size10.3 x 6.3 x 3.7 cm Package Contents 1 x ORVIBO B25 Smart Socket - Upgrade Version, 1 x Manual