The concept of women rights is in fact originated from Islamic jurisprudence. It is also observed that the position of women was ignored since the pre-Islamic customs of the Arabian people in all respects. But after the revelation of the Hoy Quran, it is found that many suras such as the sura An-Nissa, Attin, Al-Mayeda etc; covering a wide range of women rights. The Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Communism ensure equal rights to men and women. However the rights of the women as guaranteed to the women are not implemented properly due to the ignorance of the importance of the women rights, indifferent to the meaning of Islam etc.; and therefore, the scholars of the Muslim world suggested their respective governments to pass some leading laws such as the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961; the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act, 1939; the Family Laws Ordinance, 1985 etc; for maintaining justice to women of the Muslim Ummah. The authority should implement the provisions of the International Bill of Human Rights as to the ensuring of the women rights. The Government should come forward with necessary arrangements for the implementation of the above mentioned laws properly