One of the main issues with optical networks is the problem of blocking that affects the performance of the network. Several approaches have been established in order to turn a blocking network into a non-blocking one. These approaches can be classified as strictly non-blocking, wide sense non-blocking and rearrangeably non-blocking. Benes network is a long established rearrangeable network to connect large switching elements. This network has the characteristic of providing multiple paths for same output request. For providing different paths several routing algorithms have been proposed in the literature. While designing the routing algorithms, attention must be paid towards the performance of the network in delivering the data packets to the required destination without blocking the network in between the different stages of the network. However in the existing partially adaptive routing algorithm,blocking of the network takes place whenever multiple data packets try to use the network simultaneously. In this research work, a new routing algorithm named Modified Buffered Adaptive Routing algorithm has been proposed.