1. Operating mode: forward brakes backward forward and backward 2. Input voltage: 2-3S Lithium battery 4-8 NiMH battery 12.6V 3. Suitable motor: 6.5T or 8.5T motor (2S) 10.5T or 17.5T motor (3S) 4. BEC output: 5V/2A 5. Overheat protection: yes 6. Motor type: non-inductive motor Features: 1. Quick throttle response strong acceleration proportional brake and excellent linear accelerator. 2. Can use computer for menu setting and software upgrading with programming card. 3. Can use computer for linear throttle setting easily. 4. Can use computer for setting the output power of forward and backward. 5. Can use computer for programming brake ratio. 6. Multiple protection features: battery low voltage protection temperature protection throttle signal loss protection motor stall protection 7. Compatible with NOVAK LRP ORION inductive brushless motor.