Brand Free Soldier Quantity 1 Color Golden Material PET film Functions Outdoor rescue blanket emergency blanket lifesaving blanket. Best use Camping Other Features Maintain your body 80% heat not circulated under low temperature; Strong reflective effect more easier to be found by the rescue personnel; Added one layer into your sleep bag will increase heat preservation ability; Ensures high quality sleep outdoor; Suitable for outdoor adventure study tourism disaster etc; After the accident emergency blanket used to cover the body to prevent a sharp decline in body temperature; Vehicle broke down in the cold zone or night emergency blanket can warm the body; Emergency blanket can be used for reflective film send a signal to rescuers; In the rainy days emergency blanket used as a poncho and can be opened as the canopy; Parking under direct sunlight in summer with the first-aid blanket covering automobile front windshield the car can reduce heat. Packing List 1 x Emergency blanket