Model: 03100100 - Quantity: 1 - Color: Blue - Material: Glass fiber - Sense brightness and light intensity surroundings - Sensitivity adjustable - Working voltage: 3.3V~5V - Output type: Analog voltage output and digital switch output (0 1) - With installation holes easy to use - VCC: External 3.3V~5V voltage (Directly connected to 5V or 3V microcontroller) - GND: External GND - DO: Digital output port (0 1) - AO: Analog output port - A photodiode module to ambient light the most sensitive generally used to detect the brightness and intensity of the surrounding environment in most cases with the photoresistor sensor module generic distinguish between the two is that the directionality of the photodiode module better you can sense a fixed The direction of the light source. - Module in the light conditions or light intensity of less than a set threshold the DO output port high when the outside ambient light exceeds a set threshold the module D0 output is low; - Small board digital outputs D0 can be connected directly to the microcontroller through the microcontroller to detect high and low and thus to detect environmental changes in light intensity; - Small board digital output DO can drive OUR relay module which can be composed of an optical switch; - Small board analog output AO OUR AD module connected through the AD converter you can get the light intensity in a more accurate value - Module VCC connects development board VCC - The module GND development board GND - Then the VCC and GND the module power indicator will light - Module to be placed under light source adjust the blue potentiometer of board until the on-board switch lightening. Hides photodiode by your hands the module switch indicator will be off. Hands off the switch indicator is on. It indicates that the light can trigger module so that the switch indicator lights. - Module VCC connects development board VCC - The module GND development board GND - Module D0 connected to development board P0.1 - SCM: STC89C52 - Serial port to send data baud rate: 9600 - Phenomenon: a light trigger module serial continue to send 01 while the switch light; Module light source is triggered the serial port does not send data to switch lights off - Packing list: - 1 x Module - 4 x DuPont lines (20cm)