MQ-5 Gas Sensor: test liquid gad natural gas and coal gas; Suitable for home and industry use - Color Sensor: Identify color of object color order environmental light and read test bar - Flame Sensor: Sense flame spectrum; Suitable for sensing fire source fire robot and fire alarm - Metal Sensor: suitable for sensing metal robot competition and smart R/C car - Hall Sensor: Suitable for measuring motor speed object position and smart car - Infrared Reflective Sensor: suitable for tracking robot calculating in flow line and obstacle avoidance car - Laser Sensor: sensing obstacles calculating in flow line - Moisture Sensor: Suitable for auto watering system checking soil humidity - Rotation Sensor: Check counterclockwise angle and turns; Suitable for positioning check in indutrial control - Sound Sensor: Adopts LM386 audio chip checking sound and sound intensity - Temperature-Humidity Sensor: DHT11 sensor checking temperature and humidity - Tilt Sensor: Check vibration signal; Suitable for alarm system smart car and electronic blocks - UV Sensor: Suitable for UV tester sterilizing lamp and outdoor UV monitoring - Liquid Level Sensor: Suitable for water level alarm