Ultra-low power embedded Wi-Fi module provides a solution to connect the user interface to transfer a physical device to a Wi-Fi wireless networks and provide UART serial port data. The module integrates hardware MAC baseband chip RF transceiver unit and a power amplifier ; embedded firmware supports Wi-Fi protocol and configuration as well as networking TCP / IP protocol stack. USR-WIFI232-T is an integrated 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi low -power solutions through USR-WIFI232-T module the traditional low-end MCU controlled serial device or equipment can be very convenient access to Wi-Fi wireless networks enabling objects linked network control and management. Using the industry's lowest -power embedded structure and for the application of smart furniture smart grid handheld devices personal medical industrial control etc. These low-flow low -frequency field of data transmission and do a professional optimization. USR-WIFI232-T is an integrated feature of all Wi-Fi compact module measures only 22mm x 13.5mm x 6mm. For applications such as lighting and sockets using a 1x10 -pin 2mm pin connector for easy welding products in the customer's circuit board hardware . Module is equipped with a special pad or external antenna connector the application applies to a variety of external antenna. Operating voltage: 2.8 ~ 3.6V Current Continuing sent: ~ 200mA Normal: Average: ~ 12mA peak: 200mA Standby: <200uA Working temperature: -40 ℃ - 85 ℃ Storage temperature: -45 ℃ - 125 ℃ External Interface: 1x10 2mm pin (0 degrees or 90 degrees) CD: