Chronic pain differs from acute pain in origin and manifestations and is often accompanied by depression and anxiety. There are considerable challenges for both the client and counsellor in dealing with the issues raised by chronic pain. This project examines theories of chronic pain, describes current research into the use of cognitive behavioural therapy, and highlights current research into the use of mindfulness-based and acceptance-based cognitive behavioural therapies by means of a comprehensive literature review. The project also involves producing psycho-educational material in the form of a proposed manual for clients to be used prior to, or concurrently with, formal therapy. Applicable strategies include breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques, sleep hygiene and nutritional guidance, suggestions for exercise, emotion regulation techniques, and assertive communication. Implementation of these preliminary strategies will raise awareness, facilitate skill development and enhance self-management in order to minimize the impact of pain on the client’s life and family, improve the therapeutic experience, and alleviate the burden on society and the health care system.