Have you ever wondered the kind of fun things you could do if you were a magician? It would be absolutely great if you had the power to turn whoever you wanted into a frog. Not to mention all the other tricks you could play on people and the spells you could cast. Now you can enjoy the wonders and aw of Harry Potter in your own home with these magic wands used by the characters in the movies and the books. These magic wands are made form a strong and highly durable resin. They are non-toxic and last a life time of fun. This was Harry Potter’s magic wand from the Deathly Hollows movie. The size is exactly the same as the real deal. They are perfect for collecting as movie and book memorabilia or for costumes and cosplay. It is truly a great gift for Harry Potter fans. The magic doesn't end with the price. With the purchase of this product it will magically and quickly be delivered to your door on time and intact at no extra charge. Bring the magic home today! - High quality resin material - Length: 35.5cm - Exquisite design - Perfect for collection or cosplay - Great gift for a Harry Potter fan