Universal LCD Display Driver Board PS2PS3xbox360 HDMI AV VGA Driver Description: 1: 1 channel VGA signal input 2: 2 channel AV signal input 3: 1 channel HDMI signal input and the IC support HDMI1.1 and 1.2 4: 1 channel reverse signal input 5: Support wide voltage input, and can normally work between 5V-24V, 6: Standard backlight 6PIN interface, can external pressure plate 7: The integrated LCD driver board LED backlight driver 8: Standard LVDS signal output, can support a single 6, single 8, double 6, double 8, etc. standard LVDS signals LCD, but only supports 3.3V power supply LCD screen 9: Standard key board interface, and supports two-color LED display 10: Support TTL signal output Package included: 1 x Universal LCD Display Driver Board 1 x Keyboard with Wire