M306 digital power amplifier: imported embedded control chip system first-class quality good sound increase the treble bass adjustment function large power high dynamic powerful voice full wide field open powerful bass showed considerable thickness the voice is very magnetic sound smoothness good full sound high frequency performance especially high frequency brightness suitable for long time to listen to if there is a strong sense of three-dimensional open wide sound field sound clear full of warm good stripping sense let sound rich being transparent overheating product line with over-current output short circuit protection function USB decoding. Products built-in player support MP3 WMA format music player with memory function seven built-in EQ function with the distance of 15 meters remote control function is very convenient to use. The real 2 x 25W stereo submersible design circuit with high sensitivity; better sound effects! Play high light sweet moisture melodious sound very resistant to. Products imported capacitor array as a power couple to make the sound more details start indicator display; and pre amplification can be matched with the computer is applied the family living room applications mobile phone CD VCD DVD digital audio signal input MP3 automotive applications the use of a wide range of applications Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz; Input sensitivity: 200mV ± 10mV; Dynamic range: 100dB; Input voltage: 12V-5A; DC Signal input: RCA.