Brand Keyes Model N/A Quantity 1 Color Multicolored Material RF4 Features Arduino combination Specification Rotational potentiometer module; Key module; Flux LED module; SMD RGB light module; Analog temperature sensor; Straw hat LED light module; Sound sensor; Infrared receiver module; Ball switch module; Vibroswitch module; Knocking module; Light sensor; Mercury switch module; Infrared emission module; LM35 temperature sensor; 18B20 temperature sensor; Collision switch module; Pluggable unit RGB LED light; Active buzzer module; Rotary encoder module; Grayscale Sensor; Passive buzzer module; Relay module; Obstacle avoidance module Application Singlechip development English Manual/Spec Yes (electronic format) Other A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards. Packing List 1 x Rotational potentiometer module 1 x Key module 1 x Flux LED module 1 x SMD RGB light module 1 x Analog temperature sensor 1 x Straw hat LED light module 1 x Sound sensor 1 x Infrared receiver module 1 x Ball switch module 1 x Vibroswitch module 1 x Knocking module 1 x Light sensor 1 x Mercury switch module 1 x Infrared emission module 1 x LM35 temperature sensor 1 x 18B20 temperature sensor 1 x Collision switch module 1 x Pluggable unit RGB LED light 1 x Active buzzer module 1 x Rotary encoder module 1 x Grayscale Sensor 1 x Passive buzzer module 1 x Relay module 1 x Obstacle avoidance module 10 x 3-pin cable (21cm) 10 x 20mm Dupont cable (20cm)