The performante work teams are capable of making better decisions and to generate special results. The potential impact of the IWT's use is not sufficient exploited, therefore the question to which we have desired this work to answer is if the IWT's managers must bring something extra to the management style applied to the culturally homogeneous teams when this is applied on the IWT, so that the IWT would represent opportunities to obtain success. Could the intercultural management be the solution? The performed research is materialized into a pilot-study, an exploratory research, a way in which the contextual factors represented by cultural aspects brought into the intercultural work teams by each of their members and the interaction style specific to the team, together with the dimensions assigned to the intercultural management are in an association, interdependence connection with the dimensions assigned to the concept of performance IWT. In other words, we have proposed to identify to what degree the contextual factors and the management applied to the IWT, both from the perspective of the connotations of the cultural dimensions are to be found at the level of the IWT's perf