Even if is on your business or tourism holiday, your flowers and plants can be good care.Be easy to installate, plug in natural water, according to the need to set a good program, you can turn off the water spray to achieve timing and timing. Description: Use the first set of procedures, the base for a week, a system which how much time of water a day. Use a second set of programs, also on the design for a week this week which day or watering every few days, a total of 16 group program, automatically water irrigation cycle. For example: Program 1 : every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 9:00 start water water time 30 minutes. Program 2: every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, 10:00 start water, water time 20 minutes. Program 3: every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 14:00 start water, water time 1 hour 5 minutes. Features 1.Temperature: from 5 to 40 2.1-16 Set of water programs 3.Water Connection: 21mm tap with 26.5mm thread 4.Battery: 2x 1.5V AAA batteries (not include) 5.Water work pressure: 0.5kg - 6 kg 6.Watering Duration :from 1min to 9hrs 59mins 7.Can store up to 16 different watering programs 8.Scope of application: family garden, balcony, roof garden, small area greening automatic irrigation Package include: 1 x Watering timer