Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 Color Black Material Zinc alloy Specification Output Band: Cross spot mode: Features Wavelength: 650nm; Output power: 0.5-4.5mW; Power supply voltage: DC 3~5V; Working current: 20mA; Appearance Size: 10 x 30mm diameter; Output waveband: Visible laser; Excitation method: Electric excitation method laser; Working medium: Semiconductor laser; Light spot mode: Cross line; Work lifetime: Technical grade above 5000 hours Seiko grade for more than 12000 hours. Optical lenses: High-grade glass lenses and high quality acrylic lenses; The laser light: Has the characteristics of good monochromaticity good coherence good directivity high brightness. The special power supply: Has the characteristics of good anti-interference feature high stability can restrain surge current and have cushion exceed dynamical function power supply (3~5V) 2-flat-pin-plug input voltage: 6A 220V double-ended length: 76mm width: 50mm height: 33mm weight: 0.16kg; Special stand: With good thermal conductivity and flexibility so that the laser products can be installed in any horizontal or vertical surface and to fine-tune arbitrarily in three-dimensional space to achieve the best result. Application Tailoring positioning stone and wood cutting mechanical equipment positioning shoemaking machine positioning eye lace machine positioning. English Manual/Spec N/A Packing List 1 x Laser head (118cm-cable) 1 x Special power supply (100cm-cable / 2-flat-pin plug / 220V) 1 x Special stand (Height: 11cm width: 8cm) 1 x Spanner 1 x Screw 1 x Expansion pipe