The loss of teeth, and consequently, prosthodontic rehabilitation pose new challenges to the stomatognathic system, which alter masticatory function. Masticatory efficiency decreases drastically in edentulous patients. Implant supported mandibular overdentures offer edentulous patients a better retained and more stable prosthesis resulting in improved masticatory function and patient satisfaction as compared with conventional complete dentures. But the minimum number of implants required satisfactorily supporting and retaining a mandibular over denture still remains to be evaluated. Lower component costs and treatment times, with comparable satisfaction and maintenance indicate that mandibular over denture retained by a single midline implant may be an alternative to the customary two implant supported overdenture. Immediately loaded single implant retained mandibular over denture, can provide a beneficial treatment outcome with a minimal financial outlay. In the view of the above, the aim of the current study was to compare the masticatory efficiency of the single implant supported mandibular overdenture with that of conventional complete denture within the same subject.