Enusic 003 Wireless Super Bass Stereo Bluetooth CSR4.0 Speaker Music Sound Box Coupon: enusic003(21% off) Enusic team test every Enusic speaker ourselves to make sure the quality.And here is our experience: 1.Enusic 003 is the bigger one of Enusic 001,which both have super bass stereo.when you max the sound,what amazing is it's better shocking low frequency,bom,bomm,bom,you can even feel the desk is shocking.Also, full mid-frequency and good high frequency.If you love the bass,this is a excellent one for your choose,and it can be a good one for high-pitched musics too. 2.What the most speakers make our team annoyance is normally people have to turn off the speaker when they are on bed.That's bad,especially in the winter,it's cold but people still have to get out of bed and turn the speaker off, then go back to the bed.But,when disconnecting Bluetooth, the Enusic 003 automatically shuts down after 5 minutes.people would like this. Features: 1.Bluetooth Version 4.0 2.Stereo Hi-Fi with two 5 Watt speakers delivering a rich and dynamic sound experience. 3.Enjoy 4-5hours of non-stop music with our built-in 1050mAh Lithium battery. 4.Built-in Mic and Bluetooth hands-free capability. 5.5 minutes after stop using,auto sleep energy saving function. Specification: Model Enusic 003 Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.0 Audio input Bluetooth,AUX Interface Micro usb port Bluetooth Distance 10M(2M) Speaker 45mm; 2CH * 3 * 5W RMS 5w * 2 S/N RatioL 80dB R. Frequency 90HZ-20KHZ Working voltage 5V Working current 500mA Battery 1050mAH Charging time about 2 hours Palyback time 4-5 hours Dimensions 60*60*120.8mm(LxWxH) Package included 1 x Enusic 003 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable 1 x Micro USB Charger Cable 1 x Manual Kindly reminder: Please make sure that charge the speaker at your first using. FAQ & Solution: Q: The speaker is not connecting to my device. How can I fix this? (a) Ensure your device's Bluetooth function is enabled. (b) Make sure your device is within 3ft/1m of the speaker. (c) Delete the pairing record on the speaker or your device. (d) Restart your Bluetooth speaker. Q: Can I use the speaker to play music while charging? It's best to charge to speaker while it's off,especially when the battery is low, in order to protect the long-term performance of the battery Q: How to recharge the speaker? 1). Plug the micro USB cable into the input port of the speaker. 2). Insert the other end of the USB power cable into either; (a) a computer USB port or; (b) a USB AC adapter (not included) connected to a wall socket. A steady red light indicates that the speaker is charging. The red light will go off when the speaker is fully charged.