Ultra-small size ultra-dense reinforced aluminum radiator so the module operating temperature lower and more stable. Enter the two 470uF/35V output two 330uF/50V 60V output 220uF/63V switching power supply for the high-frequency low-impedance capacitor so lower output ripple onboard LED work light more intuitive while working. Full of materials plus the perfect design is the pursuit of the perfect perfect choice. PCB unique hollow design to minimize instability due to temperature lead to important parts parameter variations. Onboard 4 M3 screw holes to facilitate your installation. Applications: 1. DIY a power supply 12V input can be output can be 12~46V adjustable. 2. The power supply for your electronic device according to your system can set the output voltage value. 3. As the vehicle power supply for your laptop PDA or a variety of digital products supply. 4. DIY a laptop mobile power supply: 12V coupled with high-capacity lithium battery so your laptop will be able to light where they go.