M303 sets the computer USB audio amplifier output high fidelity USB fiber / coaxial decoder and headphone amplifier for a. Products fashionable appearance complete functions internal used to sneak into the control chip level high fidelity HIFI device design the industry leading excellent quality to your computer music output bring audio-visual enjoyment with a value of perfect sound quality. The USB decoder computer USB audio decoding output fiber / coaxial headphone amplifier integrated structure; Do not disturb others rest high fidelity headphone amplifier is convenient in the dead of night the decoder can also be used as a USB to optical fiber coaxial directly connected to the subwoofer or other equipment; widely uses the high quality devices recognized around the world to create the best quality and performance the output quality music decoding using the product...... Computer USB input music through the DAC decoding output fidelity sound fiber / coaxial and headphone audio Color: Aluminum grey Material: aluminum material Input voltage: USB 5V Signal input: USB interface The signal output: fiber / Coaxial / earphone Product size: 8cm (long) X 4.5cm (wide) X 2.8cm (high) Packing size: 20cm (L) X18cm (W) X5.5cm (high) Product net weight: 61 grams