Introduction to Research Methods and Proposal Writing-1 is designed in response to numerous calls from students in universities and colleges, beginner research scientists, consultants and research assistants to grasp basic concepts, methods and techniques in social science research procedures. The book introduces readers to the evolution of social science research and gives a general overview of what social science research is and what it is not. Forms and types of social science research, research proposal design, methods and data collection techniques are discussed in details to enable students and beginner researchers explore innovative and goal oriented ways of writing excellent research reports, thesis and dissertations. Introduction to Research Methods and Proposal Writing-volume 1, however, does not discuss basic statistics and presentation of graphical data aspects of social science research methods. These are treated separately in ‘Introduction to Research Methods and Proposal Writing-volume 2’ by the same author. Readers are advised to get both volumes in order to maximise their research methods and report writing acumen.