Due to discontinuities from various imperfections found on the outer contour of the welded joint, there is irregular stress distribution in the joint with elevated peaks. The influence of these peaks cannot be precisely estimated during the calculation of the joint. In practice, the solution of the problem, in order to prevent the existence of such imperfections, lays in establishment of rigorous criteria prescribed by the regulation. Sometimes there is a question whether these rigorous criteria are reasonable due to the fact that they directly influent the costs of the welded structure. On the other side, in some separate cases as far as there is discontinuity, it is very likely that during the reparation the situation might worsen, particularly if there is a location where the reparation is hard to be made. Considering these facts, in some cases, it is necessary to make judgment whether there is need to make reparation on the discontinuities found on the outer contour during the examination. The purpose of this work is to endorse the influence of the discontinuities on the capacity of the butt-welded joint in order to make appropriate judgment for the safety of the structure.