Model: FC-18-L - Quantity: 1 piece - Color: Blue - Material: PCB - Supply Voltage: DC 12V - Current: > 100mA - Load: AC 250V / 10A or DC 30V / 10A - Adopting photosensitive resistance induction the strength of the radial bring their own relay direct control load - Matches potentiometer sensitivity adjustment through the control potentiometer set start relay valve value when the dark in the valve value module relay suction close bright in the valve value relay released - 12V power input for relay use plate load 78L05 regulated triode provide sensor for comparison make the products more stable and reliable; - Plate load light coupling isolation drive relay effective protection chip make the products more reliable work - Photosensitive resistance module to the ambient light the most sensitive generally used to detect surrounding environment of the brightness of the light - Module in ambient light dark in setting threshold value relay suction close public end and often start on when the outside environment in bright light setting threshold value relay disconnect public end and often closed end on - Public end often open normally closed three port is equivalent to a double switch relay coil have electric public end and often start conducting no power public end and often closed end conduction - Packing list: - 1 x Sensitive resistance sensor and relay module - 1 x Jumper cap